Mr Keighley you should have done a thing at SGF 2023, but you didn’t

I’m that kind of videogame person that’s used to expecting exciting things showing off in a global event like Summer Game Fest 2023. However, when this didn’t happen I feel like betrayed. Am I saying that last night SGF was one of the dullest show I’ve seen in the last four years? Yes, that’s right.

As far as I know, SGF 2023 was suppose to be a whorty substitute of E3 showcase, whereas the truth is that Mr Keighley has been quite ingnored by major videogame’s company. I mean, two weeks ago Playstation’s Showcase was far better than “this” with lods of interesting upcoming PlayStation IPs like Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, Dragon’s Dogma II, Ghost Runner II, Sword of the Sea and Final Fantasy XVI.

Everybody was looking for Kojima-san

Most of the people was really looking foward to Kojima-san appearance on stage due to his friendship with Mr Keighley. Futhermore, Kojima-san most recent tweets shared a couple backstage things of Death Stranding 2, but nothing happen.

I think, Mr Keighley tryed to set up a new event where everybody passionate about videogame would go to, but he failed. Summer Game Fest isn’t the place to see and be seen, yet.

SGF showed off something interesting, thoug

On the other hand, SGF showed a handful interesting titles. Firstly, a soul like-style game very similar to Bloodborne called Lies of P got both its release date and a playable demo which you can download right now from PlayStation Store. Lies of P looks like a well-detailed action-packed game with some unique game mechanics as well as combat system set in a dark 1800-era where puppets rose up in arms against their masters. Obviousily, Lies of P is based on Pinocchio fairy tail.
Secondly, Alan Wake II revelead a short yet intense gameplay trailer where Saga, Alan Wake II’s second main character, who was coming through a scary investigation in a wood…