State of Play “unfolded” Final Fantasy XVI in-game activities

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Have you already seen how’s cool Final Fantasy XVI action-packed combat system? Each gameplay trailer showed lots of stilish combat sequences which reminds me to Devil MayCry’s ones due to Yoshida-san touch.

Fans are used to consider figths as an important part of any Final Fantasy game, however there’s something even more valuable for every player like collectionables, minigames and a living-world ready to be explored.

The sense of being powerful could definitely be the sweet spot to get you into FFXVI. Beat a tough Eikons boss fight due to your gamer skills and well-made build could be very satisfaying 💯

Speaking of which, the most recent State of Play finally unfolded a couple of interesting game features about accessibility options, game difficoulty, equipments, hiddeouts, bounty hunter tasks directly from FFXII and Claive’s story. 💪 Enjoy it!

Watch out there’re lods of spoilers inside FFXVI’s State of Play gameplay video

Hey, this’s a spoiler alert ❗ Please do not read futher if you would like to take up a fresh start of Final Fantasy XVI playthrough.

Having said that, FFXVI reminded me back to good old days of Final Fantasy X where almost everything was designed to be epic, no joke – I’ll never forget watching for the first Tidus’s cutscene playing blitzball before Zanarkands was wiped out and Yuna relationship with their role of summoner, either the amusing ending scene when Tidus dissapir.

Everything in FFXVI is stilish. Whether you’re building your own build with elementar combos, equipments and unloackable skills or you’re fighting against something really big dealing with cinematics combat scenes.

There’s something about Final Fantasy XVI State of Play gameplay that dissapointed me, though. Final Fantasy games are based on leveling your party or character that, at same point, became almost invincible.

To be honest, I’m really concerned about game difficulty balances and QTE (Quick Time Events), because each gameplay showed Claive’s at almost same level of enemies as well as Eikons QTE seemed to be a bit useless with a lot of time to click the same key without any kind of advantage.

What’s your 🥵 hot take? Click on the banner below and try to write an example with unfolded – we didn’t know it at first, then it revealed. Like open up a folder and read what’s inside.

  • used to: referred to past habbits
  • sweet spot: an optimum combination of factors
  • get into: start liking, become interested in something
  • take up: starting doing something
  • unfolded: we didn’t know it at first, then it revealed. Like open up a folder and read what’s inside
  • wiped out: destroy something completely
  • hot take: your first toughts about something