How to beat quickly an Elden Ring’s Lobster

an Elden Ring's souls-level character throwing a Sleep Pot against a lobster-looking Giant Crayfish

I got this. You’ll have short work of an Elden Ring’s Lobster aka Giant Crayfish working out its poise due to two-handed weapons and powerfull sorceries. A quick tip – keep up doing heavy jump attacks or spamming Rock Sling sorcery until the Lobster is dead for good.

Lobster’s weak points

In fact, lobster-looking monsters are weak to both frostbite and stuggering – On the first hand, frostbite and mist attacks deals more damages, but they’re related to specific weapon arts aka Ashes of War you might find out later in the game. On the other hand, a big hit from a 2h weapon could be your quick easy win against them since early stages of Liurna.

Trust me, if you are not a soulslike veteran, trying to beat an Elden Ring deadly enemy like a Lobster with a one-hand sword could only work you up turning into a ill-mannered person whit odds innermost thoughts and a demolished gamepad or keyboard.

Bonk them!

Fast, strong and most heated from ER’s community lobster-looking Giant Crayfish got a powerful long-range attack that reminds me to a sniper rifle shot. To be honest with you, I beat 3 Giant Crayfish with a souls-level one character and 2 wielded Uchigatanas trying dogding a lot of sniper-attacks and it’s been a mess – I recorded everything, but I’m too lazy to download the video on YouTube[LINK TO KOFI -10 LIKES]. However, you don’t need to do that – grab your favorite 2h weapon and follow a few steps to get ready:

  1. make sure your character could handle a 2h weapon and matchs its stats (talismans could be helpful)
  2. you have to be in mid-roll
  3. do not be afraid of failure

Heavy jump attacks over everything else

How to fight an Elden Ring’s Lobster – you’d wait until he’s looking at your opposite direction and charge it straightfoward. Once your close enough, jump and do an heavy attack to destroy its poise and deal big damages. Reapeat again until is dead for good.

I got a mage build, though. Alright, do not worrie about that buddy everybody made mistakes – I’m jocking or maybe not. Instead of a 2h weapon, you’d using against the lobster a sorcery which’s a fast-casting spelling and poise-damage either, like Rock Sling sorcery which you’ll be able to find it out in Aeonia’s rot swamp at Street of Sages Ruins location.

Secret Lobster’s weakness nobody knows

I think that few players have noticed that Elden Ring hide some cool enemy-based features – like Skeletons that are very weak from “kinda wind Ash of War”, like Storm Stomp one and that Ravenants could be demolished by holy damages of incantation like Great Heal.

ER’s Lobster has one of this “hidden feature” – they fell easily asleep with a single sniff of a Sleep Pot. To prepare a Sleep Pot you’ll need Fevor’s Cookbook (1), 1 mushroom, 1 Trina’s Lily and an empty Cracked Pot. That’s it. Enjoy!