weakpoints and strike as soon as possibile with an holy incantation like Great Heal

Elden Ring: how to beat easily a Revenant

Revenants are hardest and ugliest enemies in Elden Ring, but I'll be able to beat them in an actual second casting Great Heal incantation.
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How to set off your Elden Ring maidenless run

Here's everything you should know and being scared of an Elden Ring challenge run where you'll play as a souls level-one Turnished.
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Beat your B2 English exam like in a videogame

Stop struggling and set up your easy win to B2 English Exam with a few tips and tricks about preparation and built your own vocabulary.
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an elden ring runebear peacefully sleeping in Limgrave

5 Elden Ring enemies you’re going to hate and why

5 Elden Ring enemies who are totaly unfair to fight and I'm quite sure you're going to hate them from the first encounter
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