Playstation 4’s main theme makes me sad everytime

Back in the days switching on my PS1 was a pleasure – the little cd reader sounding like a tornado and the *bump* kind riddle showing up whit the Playstation 1 logo were welcoming. However, nowadays it’s completely different ’cause I can’t face anymore my PS4’s sad-as-f**k main theme soundtrack.

Every single time I switch on the Playstation 4 my heart lose a bit, and when the *tu-ti-tu* lyric starts playing the sadness hit right in my feelings. It’s a personal opinion yeah, but it’s a fact that the PS4 main theme is one of the worst in Playstation history.

I’m wondering which kind of chit-chat they have had when made up a decision about the PS4’s lyric… I’m mean they listened the lyric, right? I come up with a solution: I’ll going to buy a PS5 – please don’t tell me that the Playstation 5’s main theme lyric suck as well – at some point.