Elden Ring: how to beat easily a Revenant

weakpoints and strike as soon as possibile with an holy incantation like Great Heal

Revenants are as deadly as Radan and hugly as twice. However, they’ve a big weakness which I think you’re going to use as best strategy to get rid of them in a second – holy damages casted from Great Heal incantation or similar.

If you’re wondering what’s an Elden Ring’s Revenant, I’ll give you a shot – it’s an annoying ugly big creature that mostly wander in hidden place as long as you don’t get too close. Revenant looks like crowned undead with a lot of arms. Ring any bells?

Throughtout my Elden Ring first playthrough I’ve tried both several spells and weapons against Revenants. To be honest with you, none of them has been as effective as Great Heal incantation, whatsoever. To get short work of an Elden Ring’s Revenant get as closer as possible and cast Great Heal – or similar healing incantations. That’s it.