Beat your B2 English exam like in a videogame

Are you struggling to figure out how to beat your B2 English exam? You’d put aside complainings and start thinking like a videogames’s hero who prepared himself to a boss-fight against the strongest enemy of the game. So, THE keyword is preparation!

Four-intensive hours of B2 English exam are as scary as faceing off Elden Ring’s lobster looking things without any kind of clue of their spiner move-set. Don’t blame yourself, it’s time to get over it.

Firstly, as a good videogames player always does before challenging an enemy, you should check your actual – B2 English – level doing a few mock test. The Internet is full of English mock tests’ websites, however I’d like to suggest you a couple of them which I got on by first-hand, like and

Once you’re sure about your B2 English level – Speaking, Listening, Writing and Use of English – you’d definitely set up your English vocabulary. The more English vocabulary you know, the more easily your not going to struggle while doing the exam. So, pick up a few every day topics of your choice which could potentially being as exam’s tasks, like spare time, family and friends, holidays, environment etc.

This kind of homework will give you – hopefully – the buzz of competition as well as sprup you up to do more day-to-day. At first, it could be harder than it seems. On the other hand, this’s your best way out to avoid thinking that the exam would be a joke.

To sum up, don’t over-simplify your B2 English exam preparation. Work out your English vocabulary by topics looking up interesting words, idioms, useful phrasal verbs and much more.

Good luck y’all,

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