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CopyLazyer’s is an independent blog about videogames topics as well as a free website with no advertising. I manage everything alone. I used to writing article by myself without any kind of IA-generated content, because I think that writing is like drawing – a kind of art.

You’ll be able to find critics articles, videogame editorials and guides as well.

Here’s how to Get In Touch

Please DM me via X (twitter) email me at [email protected]
I’ll hopefully answer you asap, even though I’m a lazy person


Hi, this’s Matteo

At this time being I’m not looking for any co-writers, because CopyLazyer’s suppose to be like my playground where to get on English speak daily.

However, please do consider to contact me if you’re an indipendent developer who needs a bit of visibility through the Internet. I think, we would definitely come up with some interesting article about your videogame to showing off on “stage”.

Check out the “about me” page by clicking the button below to know more about me. Thanks!