In a dark souls tyle a student inside a weird looking book dark fantasy world by catfish

Beat your B2 English exam like in a videogame

Are you struggling to figure out how to beat your B2 English exam? You’d put aside complainings and start thinking like a videogames’s hero who…
one of my most hated enemies of Elden Ring

5 Elden Ring enemies you’re going to hate and why

5 Elden Ring enemies who are totaly unfair to fight and I'm quite sure you're going to hate them from the first encounter

State of Play “unfolded” Final Fantasy XVI in-game activities

FFXVI's official release date is on July, however the recently State of Play unfolded new info about combat system, accessibility options, side-quest.

No Man’s Sky “looks up” with Interceptor update

No Man's Sky look up quite good with its new update Interceptor which includes lots of improvements, new enemies and corrupted worlds.

Playstation 4’s main theme makes me sad everytime

Somehow the PS4's main theme lyric hurt my feelings, and that's why.

Soon TM

Hi, I’m busy at this very moment. I’ll write new articles as soon as possibile, while you’re here please consider to take a look of…