No Man’s Sky “looks up” with Interceptor update

  • Article’s vocabulary list
  • give up: surrender
  • look up: get better, improve
  • keep up: continue at the same rate
  • save up: keep money for something else
  • come by: visit
  • keen on: very enthusiastic about (a specific topic)
  • hang out: be pleased to spend time with someone, very often related to friends

No Man’s Sky released in the worst way ever in the videogame history with lots of complaining messages from players and misinformation about the gameplay, however Hello Games devs studio didn’t give up.

Since August 2016 the devs have putted an enormous effort into improving their videogame and they didn’t stop even during the pandemic. This space-sim multiplayer adventure game got a few minutes ago a new update and look up quite good.

Speaking of which, Interceptor update 4.20 brings to player brand-new challenges in the universe ruled by Sentinels with corrupted planets, new ship classes, robotic guardians, stealth foes with invisible camouflage, Capital ship battles and more! Please take a look at the official patch notes for the completed list of improvements.

It’s really interesting how Hello Games keep up improving No Man Sky’s with awesome things like unique Sentinels Aeron Turbojet, which combine a constant flow of pugneum and nitrogen, and Corrupted new Nexus Missions where you’ll face-off arachnid machines ready to beat overconfident Travellers.

I’ve played No Man’s Sky without deep diving in it, ’cause my PC couldn’t manage the graphics, but I loved every single moment – from planning my base to saving up some credits and resources for buying a better ship.

No Mans’s isn’t a videogame for everyone, though. There’s a lot of sandbox gameplay like planning and gathering resources all the time, on the other hand it’s really satisfying come by your base or ship time-to-time and watch the progress.

If you’re keen on sci-fi and space-sim No Man’s Sky it’s definitely something for you and your friends to hang out together with the multiplayer mode.

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