Everything you’d know about me and ViddyP

Hi! 😊 I’m Matteo, a non-native English speaker keen on videogames. I created ViddyP as a website where sharing my passion about both gaming and writing articles about this topic.


About me

I’ve been writing gaming articles (in italian speak) for the last 4 years. At September 2022 I end up to study English due to find a worthwide job outside my home country as a professional copywriter.

Practice makes perfect, right? That’s why I decided to set up ViddyP as a playground where get on day-to-day. As an ESL (English Second Language) person you’ll find some grammar mistekas 👉 mistakes here and there, tough.

I’m sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes.

About ViddyP

ViddyP’s website is my playground where to get on English.

As long as I can see learning a new language is no joke: you have to spend a lots of time and effort every day. I tried YouTube channels tips and tricks, studied by my own, but at some point I’ve figured out that I needed someone that lead me in the right direction.

In my experience, the only thing that definitely would help you to learn a foreign language it’s practice, practice and again practice: write a note, listen to music, build you own vocabulary, keep up studying grammar and puntuation, make mistakes and try again. 🍻 The more, the better.

Practise makes perfect

Practise (and lots of) work out make you perfect. That’s why ViddyP could be your easy win to learn English building 💪 your vocabulary, while reading articles and news about videogame topics in order to be well-informed.

I’m going to write two types of article: firstly huge Editorials about videogame topics like “Final Fantasy XV why it’s so f**king far-fetched” or “Elden Ring: what you’d know about Miquella” because I love sharing my hot-takes and feelings as well as make researches about lore and process-making. Secondly: I’ll write small article and news in order to teach you (hopefully) some new vocabulary and how to use it whit examples.

You will able to find phrasal verbs, idioms or adjectives inside each article, with its description and use! In my point of view, master a foreign language starts from understand the meaning.

An example? “Eat your heart ❤ out”, nope you don’t have to hurt anyone (please) – Eat your heart out means “do something to make someone jealous”.

Shall we studying English together? 🙌 Please take a look at “easy win to learn English” articles.

  • set up: commonly used to say you've started a business
  • figured out: understand something after you've been thinking about a lot
  • keep up: continue at the same rate
  • easy win: a task that is easy to accomplish
  • far-fetched: small pieces of a "event or story" that assembled together looks like a silly patchwork, something understandable or unbelievable

Support Me

ViddyP’s an indipendent blog about videogame topics and free ads website completely 👀 managed by one person. My goal is using this website as a place where get on English while writing articles and editorials about gaming.

Any support is very useful and would definitely help me get by hosting fees and buying pastas (I love 🍝 pasta). I appreciate you! Thanks!

Please don’t donate too much. 🙏 Keep in mind to stay within your means.