5 Elden Ring enemies you’re going to hate and why

an elden ring runebear peacefully sleeping in Limgrave

Elden Ring is not an easy videogame – we know it. That’s why, at some point, you’re going to hate enemies and NPCs more than likely. Because of that, I’ve done a list of my five most hated Elden Ring’s enemies based on my 400 hours of playthrough.

#5 Giant Crayfish a.k.a. Sniper laser beam lobster-looking thing

Let’s start with facts, I’ve been hating the Giant Crayfish lobsters since day one. Those things are basically killers – they’re as fast as Torrent and with lots of HP. However, what really makes them deadly is the water split attack that they used as a sniper rifle.

How to beat the scary Lobster

It doesn’t matter how far you can go, because the Lobster sniper rifle could literally one-shot you from the distance. These kinds of enemies are just unfair, specially at low levels, so you should try to avoid them and go somewhere else.

On the other hand, if you choose to fight them pick up a two-hand colossal weapon and work out to stagger them as many times as possible. Breaking their poise it’s your easy win to deal with the deadly lobster, yep!

#4 Fingercreeper… gross

Every time you’ll face-off a Fingercreeper it seems like you’re walking on a tightrope – those creepy walking hands start approaching you slowly just a moment before spamming attacks like an asshol*. Furthermore, the Giant ones we’ll be able to both knock you down even in full heavy armour and stunlock on sight.

In addition to this, time-to-time you’ll find weird fingers in the ground exploring Elden Ring – do not get closer to it, because they’re Fingercreepers ready to kill your character.

How to beat the fingercreepers walking-hands

Do they have a weak point or are just overpowered? Nope, the Fingercreepers really hate fire. Burn them with a fire bomb, a flame spell, a Caleid skill (weapon art) or a torch. Beat their as* while they’re burning.

#3 Runebear, the actual Elden Lord

Runebears. Yep, Teddy Bear got angry. This’s one of the toughest Elden Ring enemies to figure out how the moveset works and what are the openings. They have a wide range of both quick and heavy attacks – they could punch, bite, grab hug, charge and attack you from the distance and very often they’ll chase you until death.

For the records, the Runebear inside Dragonbarrow Cave has more than 30k health points.

How to beat Rune “John Wick” Bear

Besides his powerful attacks, you can put easily to rest the Runebear ambitions with a sleep pot and a bit of patience – because they’re very tanky creatures – while the blood status bar inflicts “hemorrhage” several times.

If you want to face the Runbear without a blood or sleep build, I’ll suggest you to stay very close to the Runebear and hit him with a couple of attacks while you’re rolling into his attacks. Do not lock the camera on him and stay close to his back legs (or hindlimb), because, from my experience, the hitboxes are mostly related to the Runebear’s forelegs.

#2 Fanged Imp, the all-bleeding

I hate these creatures. I’m wondering which kind of game designer could have designed a small cute fanged imp that deals far more damage than Godrick and acts as a wolfpack. What the frick did you were think about From Software?

Since my first Elden Ring playthrough I’ve fought the imps trying different approaches – I just could not handle them from the distance, thanks to their firebombs and throwing knives, nor with melee attacks because of the bleeding buildup. However…

How to beat those fanged imps little dogsh*ts

The imps are dangerous, but very small creatures either and that means they have a lack of poise. In fact, they stagger very easily with a couple of hits with a halberd, an one-hand hammer, a fist or a classic two-hand sword. I suggest you to don’t use slow weapons due to the imps’ quickness.

#1 Revenant…

Why?! I mean, just why? Miyazaki-sama what’s wrong with you? The Revenant is my most hated enemy of Elden Ring. Period. They’re not funny to fight, at all. They’re annoying stupid teleporting creatures puking green things without any kind of interesting loot and with too many harms.

For a newcomer to Elden Ring the Revenant could be really a nightmare, cause they moved way too fast on the battlefied. Even so, there’s an opening, a chance to destroy them in one single hit.

How to beat this “thing”

To (hopefully) one-shot a Revenant you’ve to be lucky to find a note that helps you out to discover thier only weak point or a good friend that have already defeated them.

There’s no point to fight them, just cast a healing incantation, like “Great Heal” which you could buy from Brother Cohryn, with the right timing and watch the Revenant die from holy damages.

Please notice that…

Elden Ring’s enemies images are from Fextralife Elden Ring Wiki, while both the screenshot of the imps and the Revenant’s gif has been recorded by me playing the game.

This post has been written by a non-native English speaker. Sorry in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes.